Soil temperatures on the rise

Published 27 February 15

Soil temperatures on the rise

This week’s data from 28 field sites across GB shows an increase in soil temperatures. However, figures on most sites are still below the critical temperature required to stimulate grass growth.

Over the last week, air temperatures averaged 5.4oC, up from 3.5oC the previous week, while soil temperatures peaked yesterday (26/02/2015) at 5.2oC across the sites (Figure 1). Typically grass starts growing once soil temperatures reach 6oC or air temperatures exceeds 10oC for five consecutive days.

As expected, the HGCA monitored data shows a wide range in temperatures across the sites. Kingsbridge in Cornwall is now getting into the start of the growing season, with soil temperature averaging 6.6oC this week. In contrast, temperatures in Northern England and Scotland remain low, with the Aberdeen sites recording an average soil temperature of 2.4oC.

For more information, on the field sites and further weather data visit the HGCA website

Figure 1:  Average daily air and soil temperature (oC) from 28 field sites across GB (Source: HGCA, 2015)

 Average soil temps 27 Feb