Is nitrogen still worth using on grass?

Published 28 August 15

If you are short of grass or need more grass then it is still worth applying Nitrogen (N), says Piers Badnell, AHDB Dairy technical extension officer. But remember, if you are in an NVZ, the deadline is 15 September (1September for sandy or shallow soils) for the last application, just over two weeks away.

A good way of looking at nitrogen is as a feed supplement, because when applied, it produces grass dry matter (DM). At this time of year that is a response rate of about 15kg grass dry DM from 1kg of N, still a good response rate. With 34.5% N AN at £232, that is £0.80/kg of N to produce 15kg of grass DM. This can be grazed by milkers or young stock, saving the equivalent of 15kg DM of silage at £1.95 (£130/t/DM). This is in addition to saving housing costs by keeping stock out longer.

An extra advantage of applying nitrogen now, if you need it, is that it will help prevent rust ingression to your sward, which maintains quality into the autumn