Pasture to Profit Conference

Published 19 October 12

"Building a Foundation for Success" is the title of this year's Pasture to Profit Conference being held on November 8th at Worcester Rugby Club, Sixways Stadium in Worcester.

The conference, organised by the British Grassland Society and LIC (UK) brings together experts, farmers and technical specialists from home and abroad to look at how planning, setting goals, using different skills and the right management techniques all contribute to the success of a dairying business.

The first session of the day brings together three speakers looking at how using the information generated by a business can be a great building block for success. David Chin, from LIC NZ, who is responsible for providing solutions for some of New Zealand's largest farming operations, will talk about using information and acting on it. DairyCo Milkbench+ analyst Karolina Klaskova will talk about how benchmarking your business can be the first step to success. Richard Barnett, a leading agricultural financial and taxation specialist will speak on business health checks.  

The second session uses farmer speakers to look at how setting goals and using all your skills contributes to business success. Dairy farmers Neil Grigg, Tom Foot and Nick Haines will talk about how their individual skills have helped them as they've set up an innovative dairy business milking 480 cows through mobile bales in Dorset. Dairy farmer Dan Lovatt will talk about how setting clear goals has led him to owning a percentage of cows within an existing dairy farming business.

In the third session, looking at management of herd health and fertility and its role in business success, New Zealand vets Scott McDougall and Adrian Joe will be joined by a British colleague to discuss non-cycling cows, the role of trace elements and combating high cell counts. Scott McDougall will also talk about the implementation of the successful Incalf management programme onNew Zealand dairy farms.

Nigel Evans, Welsh dairy farmer and investor, will close the conference talking about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the UK dairy industry.

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