New nitrogen soil calculator launched

Published 25 October 10

New nitrogen soil calculator launched

Chris Coxon, DairyCo extension officer in the South West has been working with the Professional Nutrient Management Group to provide a new soil nitrogen supply calculator which could save farmers time and money.

The Tried & Tested Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS) calculator is a spreadsheet available online which can help dairy farmers work out how much nitrogen is already available in their soil by taking into account soil types, rainfall and previous cropping.

 Knowledge of SNS is important for effective nutrient management as the index is a measure of the soils capacity to supply nitrogen to a crop in the absence of applied fertiliser. The more nitrogen the soil can supply the less that needs to be applied.

"Calculating the SNS index can be complicated but the new calculator will help make this process simpler and help farmers navigate the tables in the Fertiliser Manual (RB209) which need to be considered," says Chris.

The SNS calculator is available free to download from