Two new fact sheets

Published 6 June 14

Fact sheets, with preliminary results, on two DairyCo projects, low input herbage trials and picking a suitable clover companion, are now available on the website.

Grass varieties on the Recommended Grass and Clover List (RGCL) are currently evaluated using large amounts of manufactured fertiliser in order to identify varietal differences. As a result the current RGCL trials represent a high input production system, and there is a need to identify varietal characteristics that are of importance in production systems where applications of inorganic nitrogen are limited.

The aim of this project, funded by DairyCo and EBLEX, is to assess grass and clover varieties from the RGCL under low and zero inorganic nitrogen conditions. NIAB, who are undertaking the trial, are managing six intermediate perennial ryegrasses, managed under three different levels of nitrogen. Preliminary results and fact sheet on this project here.

The second project looks at how different companion grasses perform when grown with white clover. NIAB has looked at a range of six Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (IPRG) varieties (three tetraploids and three diploids) accompanied by three Timothy and three Cocksfoot varieties. Grasses were sown with either AberConcord or Crusader white clover varieties.

The project looked at potential sward composition and the impact of these changes on productivity and quality. Preliminary results and fact sheet on this project here.