Soil compaction webinar

Published 25 January 13

In a recent survey of 300 grassland farms in England and Wales it was estimated that over 70% of fields exhibited some degree of soil compaction. This accounts for over three million hectares of grassland.

Taking part in a DairyCo webinar, in the comfort of your own home, on Tuesday 19 February from 7.30 to 8.30pm, can help you find out how to identify and alleviate soil compaction issues.

During the webinar Paul Hargreaves, of SRUC Research, will explain the elements of good soil structure, provide information on how and why compaction happens, and how it can be identified, along with some options to help alleviate it.

Paul will also discuss some of the latest findings from DairyCo's Research Partnership compaction study.

"Maintaining good soil structure is vital for grassland productivity," says Dr Debbie McConnell, DairyCo R&D manager. "It will aid the penetration of roots down the soil profile, allow water to drain away from the soil surface, aid the release of minerals from the soil - making them available to the plant, and allow air to penetrate to the grass roots, helping them breathe. It also encourages earthworms and other soil organisms to populate the soil.

"Poor soil structure has been found to reduce grassland productivity, increase the likelihood of flooding and can reduce nitrogen use efficiencies.

"One of the key drivers of soil compaction is grazing or driving soils in wet conditions. After the wet weather last year a lot of fields will have experienced some degree of soil compaction so now is a good time to get the spade out and assess the structure of your soils, and take part in the webinar on February 19," Debbie concludes.

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