The value in manure

Published 13 February 14

The value in slurry

Manure is a valuable resource and to make the best use of it you need to know how much nitrogen, phosphate and potash it contains.

“You wouldn’t spread bought in fertiliser without knowing its nutrient content and it should be the same when applying manure to land,” says Dr Lizzie Sagoo, soil scientist from ADAS, in a new DairyCo video on slurry nutrients. 

Lizzie explains how MANNER-NPK software estimates the economic value of your manure applications depending on the nutrient content of the manure, location, weather and soil conditions at the time of slurry application.

The software contains typical figures for the nutrient contents of over 40 different types of manure and waste products, based on the analysis of hundreds of samples.  

“It is a good place to start nutrient planning,” says Lizzie, “but nutrient values can vary and taking a sample of your animals’ manure and getting it analysed will give you an even better idea of the value of the slurry. You can enter this analysis into MANNER NPK for a truly accurate picture of what the manure contains.

For more information, about MANNER NPK and to download the latest version of the software, click here.