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Published 22 February 10

More and more farmers are using benchmarking services to compare the performance of their dairy enterprise with their peers and against their own progress targets.  But in Great Britain, we have lacked a single national and academically robust system for dairy farmers that takes an independent and impartial approach.

DairyCo's Milkbench+ has been developed to address this need, and it's an exciting time for the revised system. 

Our new team has been appointed to support dairy farmers across the country who decide to benchmark using Milkbench+.  We currently have three regional officers , all trained to work with you to collect the right data and information so that you can compare your business with others and find out just how efficiently things are being done.

If you're unsure if benchmarking is for you, then consider these facts:

Milkbench+ has been tailor-made for UK dairy producers to analyse the efficiency and profitability of their dairy enterprises.  As it is a producer-focused, standalone service that is operated by DairyCo you can be sure that what it tells you about your farm is not influenced by marketing messages.

The system is flexible so you can just as easily benchmark against farms in your area as you can against producers operating under similar systems or conditions nationwide. Uniquely, all comparisons can be based on net margins at the enterprise level so you can be sure that you are judging like-against-like. 

Milkbench+ is a secure service that is open to all levy payers at no extra cost. You just need half a day to assemble your farm data with assistance from a member of the Milkbench+ team.  We will then provide a detailed feedback report and advice on how to interpret it. We have a growing number of users who have more than recouped their annual levy payments by implementing management changes identified from their benchmarking results.

Each dataset is thoroughly checked in an independent validation process, which means that you can be sure that both your own data and the data against which this will be benchmarked properly represent the current situation on participating farms.

There's never been a more important time to know your cost of production accurately.  The more concrete, financial information you have to hand when negotiating with milk buyers the more advantages you'll have.

For more information call Debby Round, Inputs and Production Economics Administrator on 02476 478708 or email

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