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Published 23 August 10

The recent furore over cloned cows in the media has put the DairyCo image and issues department to the test., DairyCo's website developed to keep consumers informed has posted the press statements which DairyCo has issued while the media has focused on the topic.  

As well as the ongoing development of the website, the image and issues department is busy conducting market research where appropriate.  The latest consumer survey shows:

62 % think UK dairy farmers do a good job looking after their animals
44% say they are not concerned about the impact of climate change from dairy cows
57% did not have a clear opinion about whether cows that are mainly kept indoors are as well cared for as those that are mainly kept outdoors
84% say grazing, dairy cows and hedgerows are important features of the English countryside

Source AHDB/DairyCo on-line survey YouGov Plc. 2169 adults July 2010. Weighted to be representative of all UK adults.

Based on the results of the research and taking current issues into consideration, the department is now planning a schedule of positive PR stories about dairy farming.

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