IFCN top 20 milk processors list released

Published 28 September 18

The Dairy Research Network, IFCN, have published their ‘Top 20 list’ of milk processors around the globe; a list published every two years detailing the market share of the world’s largest milk processors.

These new results from IFCN show that the top 20 milk processors collect and process over 25% of milk worldwide, amounting to a total of 211 million tonnes in 2017. Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) maintains its position at the top of the list with milk intakes of 29.2 million tonnes; 3.5% of world milk production. However, estimated turnover per kg milk for DFA is one of the lowest of the twenty at 0.5 USD per kg; half that of the average turnover of 1.0 USD per kg. Fonterra and Lactalis also uphold their positions in the rankings of second and third with market shares of 2.8% and 2.4% respectively.

Saputo increased its intake by about 2.1 million tonnes since 2015 to 9.8 million tonnes, through the acquisition of the Australian Murray Goulburn company. Another Top 10 ranking processor, with 9.3 million tonnes, is Amul from India, who have shifted from 13th to 9th position since the last set of rankings. Further increases in intakes were also seen with two big Chinese milk processors; Yili Group and Mengniu, together rising by roughly 1 million tonnes since 2015.

IFCN table