GB milk production back in line with last year

Published 18 September 18

Average daily milk production is back in line with a year ago, according to the latest daily deliveries for the week ending 8 September. On a seven-day rolling average basis, production has been on or above year-ago figures since 4 September, having been down on the year since 29 June. This continues to place production above the AHDB forecast.

GB production to 4 Sep

AHDB estimates that August production* stands at 1,012m litres for GB, 0.7% below August 2017. The estimate for the UK production is 0.4% below last year at 1,194m litres, with higher NI production partly offsetting the gap left by GB.

* AHDB estimate overall milk production from a weekly survey of the largest milk buyers covering approximately 75% of volumes in the country. The volumes are scaled up based on other available data, including the official Defra production statistics. The resultant overall production figure can vary from the official Defra production statistics, but in AHDB’s view is a fairer reflection of the actual volumes collected in the country.