Dairy prospects in the global marketplace

Published 12 September 17

The latest Horizon report on the prospects for meat and dairy in the global marketplace is now available on the AHDB website. 

With the need to strike trade deals with countries around the world, this report systematically assesses the key overseas markets beyond the EU which, on paper, offer the greatest opportunities for dairy and meat products. 

The analysis finds that China presents the highest value trading opportunity for British dairy outside the EU, with other key growth markets for UK dairy exports in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Algeria. 

Asia is the world’s largest grocery market, growing at an annual rate of 6.3% and set to reach a size of more than £3.7 trillion by 2021. Furthermore, as wages rise in the region, so too does the appetite for a Western diet. Consumer spending on meat and dairy products in China is projected to grow by 10% to 11% per annum to 2021, according to BMI Research. 

The UK ‘brand’ bears hallmarks of quality and heritage in the food products we sell overseas. This high quality reputation is particularly strong among Chinese consumers, whose appetite for meat and dairy products is increasing, presenting a significant export opportunity for the UK food and agriculture sector as it faces the possibility of less favourable trade or market conditions.