Müller to invest £100m across its UK business

Published 20 September 16

Müller has issued a press release announcing £100m investment in the operational, innovation and marketing sectors of its business. The investment will occur over the next 18 months and it is hoped it will achieve the £700m of growth potential which the processor has identified across the dairy category by 2020.

Müller has identified potential for £230m of category growth in Müller Yogurt and Desserts and a further £470 million of category growth in its fresh milk, cream and milk drinks business by 2020.

Key investments in operational capabilities include the installation of new filling lines across all of its business, as well as investment into upgrading the capability and capacity of the existing facilities.

With regard to innovation, the investment will support ongoing product development in the chilled yogurt and potted dessert category, as well as supporting the improvement of milk drinks products by building on the established reputation of brands such as Frijj.

The marketing aspect of the investment will include support for communication and education on the health benefits of dairy products and will drive positive promotion to encourage reappraisal of liquid dairy.