Milk Production Reduction Scheme open for applications

Published 12 September 16

Application forms for the Milk Production Reduction Scheme, along with details on how to apply, are now available on the RPA website. The rate of payment for the first 3-month reduction period (Oct16 - Dec16) has been set at 12.23ppl for the amount of milk eligible for payment.

The deadline for the first reduction period is 11:00am on 21 September 2016.

Further reduction periods will be available if the maximum reduction volume of 1.07m tonnes (1.04bn litres) is not reached in one or more reference periods. The period are Nov16 – Jan17, Dec16 – Feb17 and Jan17 – Mar17. 

Previously, it was reported that farmers could only apply for one reduction period, although it now states that those applying for the first reduction period may also apply for the fourth period (if it runs). Those applying for subsequent reduction periods can only apply once.