Costs of Production Webinar

Published 12 September 16

Chris Gooderham And Mark TopliffThe British dairy industry could cut its costs by an estimated £3.5m per week with a different approach to milk production and, in particular, calving patterns, according to AHDB analysis. That is equivalent to 1.5ppl across all the milk in the country.

In one of our regular webinars Chris Gooderham & Mark Topliff, AHDB Lead Analysts together with farmer Andrew Mycock discussed whether all-year round calving is the best option to drop costs, in particular:

• Potential farmer cost savings of block calving
• Implication for processors
• Things for farmers to consider
• Experiences from a farmer that switched

A video recording of the webinar can be found here to watch at your convenience.

The webinar was organised as part of our support for #Decisions4Dairy, to find out more about the initiative visit