Dale Farm NI encourages more milk

Published 20 September 16

While the EU is offering farmers money to reduce milk production, new measures have been announced by Dale Farm Northern Ireland to encourage more milk supply in the last three months of this year. With “extra litres” supplied to the cooperative receiving an extra 4ppl on top of a 2ppl winter premium. The extra 4ppl will apply on every litre above 95.7% of a farm’s milk supply during the corresponding period last year. This is based on the fact that supplies to Dale Farm for the year to date are down 4.3% on the same period in 2015.

Dale Farm’s August milk price is reported to increase by 1ppl which would indicate that farmers could receive a price of approximately 26ppl for increased supplies this winter. According to the Irish Farmers Journal, these incentives were introduced to encourage a profile of milk supply to help meet customer requirements. With spot milk prices believed to be around 30ppl+, Dale Farm’s scheme may provide support to those who wish to remain in the industry at a challenging time and reduces the cooperative’s exposure to high milk prices on the spot market.