Cost of production - Comparisons, calculations and implications

Published 5 September 16

Cost of production - Do you really know yours?

AHDB Dairy has published a series of articles that consider the factors dairy farmers should routinely consider when looking at the cost of production of their business.

The articles include:
How to UK dairy farm economics compare to the rest of the world?
Reducing labour - a false economy?
Herd replacement cost
The most asked question of dairy farmers up and down the United Kingdom?
When did buying the farm next door become a cost of production?
Is all-year round calving really the best option?
Implications of switching calving pattern
Top tips on Cost of Production from Tony Evans

A summary of all the cost of production themed articles and tools can be found here.

WEBINAR: Is all-year round calving really the best option?
WHEN: 6 September @ 9.30am - 10.30am
Online event only

The British dairy industry could cut its costs by an estimated £3.5m per week with a different approach to milk production and, in particular, calving patterns, according to AHDB analysis. That is equivalent to 1.5ppl across all the milk in the country.


The webinar will look at:
• Potential cost savings to the farmer of block calving
• Implication to the processors
• Things for the farmer to consider
• Particle experiences from two farmers that have made a switch.

Join Chris Gooderham and Mark Topliff, both lead analysts for AHDB, as we look at the prospect of block calving to reduce the cost of production for the sector, together farmer Andrew Mycock who has been through the process.

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Supporting farmers in challenging times

The articles form part of AHDB Dairy’s commitment to #Decisions4Dairy, an industry-wide initiative to help farmers work through difficult times so they can become more robust for the longer term.

Details of all the resources, events, tools and support available across the sector, can be found here