The early hours – looking after the new-born calf

Published 8 September 15

Colostrum and management factors around birth which have a long-term impact on cattle performance are the central theme for a webinar with Kat Bazeley, veterinary surgeon at Synergy Farm Health, on Wednesday 23 September at 19:00 hosted by AHDB.  

Kat, who has a special interest in youngstock management and heifer rearing, will look at how the actions within the first few hours of a calf's life can impact its future development and productive life. Using examples from both research and on-farm work, this webinar provides information and guidance for all those involved with the early hours of the calf's life. 

Within her 'day-to-day' work Kat, together with colleagues, has pioneered a 0-6 month monitoring service for beef and dairy producers - which provides monitoring and analysis of farm data to promote optimum performance in the early lives of calves. 

Dairy Pro points are available for the webinar which is jointly hosted by AHDB Beef & Lamb and AHDB Dairy. Register for the webinar here.

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