Smart poster wins Smart Ag competition

Published 10 September 15

Winning a £500 bursary for a science symposium of his choice, student Rory Shaw (pictured) successfully took home the prize for best poster at the AHDB Smart Agriculture Conference 2015.

The judging panel, made up of keynote speaker, Professor Salah Sukkarieh, Professor Daniel Berckmans and Professor Emma Hart deemed Rory’s poster: ‘Developing an ion-selective electrode for in-situ and real time monitoring of soil nitrate’ as the most informative and most effective at conveying practical scientific information to a grower-focused audience.

The Smart Agriculture conference set out to bring together multiple disciplines from across quantum imaging, informatics and metrics, emergent computing, robotics and plant science to share knowledge and innovation. A first for AHDB, the inaugural event was conceived to bring together academics and experts working across data, sensors and application to question how agriculture can use innovation from other industries and disciplines to facilitate, boost and improve the industry.

Rory ShawThe student poster competition was included in the conference programme aimed to engage up and coming academics and experts. Rory, who is studying for a PhD at Bangor University supported by AHDB’s Beef and Lamb and Dairy divisions, was given his award by Director of R&D and Knowledge Exchange, Dr Bill Parker. Rory said, “Winning the competition is a really nice way to finish my PhD.”

“It’s great that nitrate electrodes are getting some press as the potential for using them within precision farming systems and for future research is very exciting.”

The full list of speakers, presentations and video will be available at