EU Commission announces new measures to support the agricultural industry

Published 7 September 15

A new package aimed at alleviating the pressures facing the agricultural sector has been announced by the EU Commission. The new measures will focus on Member States which are thought to have been most affected by market developments and will focus on three key areas, namely;

1. Addressing cash flow difficulties by advancing direct payments by allowing Member States to pay 50% of direct payments to farmers from 16 October, rather than the usual date of December 1st. The Commission has also proposed that the proportion of direct payments that can be received early is raised from the current 50% level to 70%, although this change needs to go through the legislative process.

2. Stabilising markets by introducing a new and improved private storage scheme for dairy products and increasing funds for promotional activities. The Commission also plans to conduct a series of trade missions to open new markets and reduce non-tariff barriers. In addition the Commission plans to focus on further strengthening of the Milk Market Observatory.

3. Addressing supply chain issues concerning access to credit, the use of marketing tools such as futures markets and to encourage greater communication between Member States on sharing experiences and developing best practices. Of relevance to the dairy sector the Commission proposes to promote the full use of the milk package and to bring forward the publication of the milk package report to 2016 from 2018.

Further information on the measures can be found by clicking here.