Defra announces how it will split EU farmer aid package

Published 25 September 15

Defra will distribute England’s share of the UK’s £26.2 million EU support package to dairy farmers based solely on 2014/15 milk production volumes. £15.5 million has been allocated to England, which suggests the payment could be in the region of 0.17 pence per litre.

Northern Ireland will receive a boosted allocation of £5.1 million. Defra has stated this is in recognition that Northern Irish farmers have been receiving some of the lowest milk prices in Europe. Scotland will receive £2.3 million and Wales £3.2 million.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, ministers will have flexibility on how they wish to use their allocations to support farmers. In England, the one-off payment will be made to farmers in December from the Rural Payments Agency. For more detail from Defra, click here