Milk to cheese values in the EU

Published 16 October 18

AHDB has been publishing market indicators for the UK in milk equivalent terms, for a number of years, but how do returns in the UK compare with European counterparts?

The AHDB MCVE calculation uses a number of assumptions on milk quality, product make, as well as key processing costs. AHDB has recently looked at how those elements differ in the main milk producing nations of the EU.

 MCVE country comparison Oct18

Over the last three years, the UK’s MCVE has averaged 29.29ppl. Over the same period, equivalent calculations for Denmark and the Netherlands have both averaged more than 30ppl, whereas Germany has matched the UK, and Ireland has been down at 28ppl.

Over the coming weeks AHDB will delve into each element of the calculation to understand where the UK is winning and losing compared with the other countries.