Opportunities for dairy as shoppers turn to natural foods

Published 28 October 15

Shoppers around the world are increasingly looking for natural and sustainable food and drink choices, according to a recent report by Mintel. Dairy produce clearly has potential to tick these boxes for consumers, so there are opportunities for the UK dairy industry to tap into the growing trends.

There are already some UK initiatives aiming to showcase dairy products as natural or local, as well as reinforcing their link to the farm. These include farmer-led plans like the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise, processor initiatives such as Arla’s product marque and government schemes like the new Scottish Dairy brand.

Initiatives like these can add value to milk by helping to satisfy shoppers’ growing interest in how and where their food is produced. Innovation in dairy doesn’t necessarily have to be about creating novel products – it can be about how the industry presents and markets its existing wares to keep up with the ever-changing consumer trends.