Housing Cows, it’s as easy as A,B,C

Published 26 October 15

David Ball 07Comfy cows are happy cows. But is your housing supplying the right environment this winter to allow cows to express their yield potential? 

Join AHDB Dairy building specialist David Ball to find out how to cast a critical eye over cubicles and loose yards. On Tuesday 27 October in Cornwall and Wednesday 28 October in Herefordshire David will take you through the ABCs of bovine bliss to properly assess if housing meets the cows’ needs.

  • Airflow – is the ventilation really good enough? Cows give off a lot of body heat, but inadequate ventilation will result in raised humidity, increased mastitis and heat stress
  • Bunk space – discover how lack of room at the feed fence limits dry matter intakes and caps performance - learn what the industry standards are
  • Cow comfort – lying time = litres in the tank. Cows need to lie down on a dry, comfy bed for much of the day. How can you influence lying times?

To register your attendance for the meeting on Tuesday call Kate Mackenzie on 07773 234673 and for the Wednesday meeting call Thom Washbourne on 07773 245031.  

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