Capturing value seen as key to success

Published 14 October 15

At OMSCo’s recent ‘Positive Dairying’ conference, the benefits of capturing market value were highlighted. The majority of OMSCo’s milk volumes still go to markets impacted by the downturn in commodity markets. However, the development of high value exports of organic cheese to the US market has provided sufficient premiums to keep prices paid to its organic farmers relatively stable through the recent downturn.

Other features which contribute to success were seen to include:

  • A clear long term objective to develop the market which all parts of the supply chain share.
  • Planning raw material requirements, in terms of quantity and quality, to meet market needs.
  • The ability to adapt to changing requirements (i.e. certification, legislative requirements, product characteristics).
  • Sharing the risks and rewards equitably between all parts of the supply chain.