AHDB Beef & Lamb is looking for dairy farmers

Published 12 October 15

AHDBBeefand Lamblogo _cmykAHDB Beef & Lamb is looking for dairy farmers to help supply calves for the Beef Efficiency Improvement programme. This initiative aims to drive the genetic selection of beef cattle for feed use efficiency forward. 

The aim of the programme is to enable the selection of cattle which eat less than their contemporaries to achieve the same rate of daily liveweight gain, taking liveweight and fat depth into account. This provides a measurement of feed use efficiency, which can be incorporated into breeding programmes. 

As a significant proportion of beef produced in the UK comes from dairy x beef calves, the programme is looking for dairy farmers who have calves suitable for involvement in the programme. To be considered, the farm must be in a TB4 area and be able to supply 8-16 calves from the same, current or previously registered, Limousin bull/AI sire. Calves that can be included in the project, for start of performance recording at the end of November, need to have been born in March or April 2015. 

The programme will pay market price for any selected cattle. For more information contact Natalie Cormack on 07866 934563 or email natalie.cormack@ahdb.org.uk.