GB daily milk production remains steady

Published 12 November 18

GB daily deliveries for the week ending 3 November were on par with last year, up by just 0.1%. Average daily production for the week was 33.3m litres, only 0.3% down on the previous week, and remaining in line with typical seasonal patterns.

 GB daily milk production

Despite the dip in production observed during the exceptionally hot summer months, improved weather conditions during September and October, resulting in favourable grass growth, have aided recovery. Cumulatively, milk production is now only 0.2% behind last year’s level for the milk year to date.

Despite this, with concerns around silage shortages across much of the country, there is likely to be increased concentrate usage going forwards. Depending on the extent to which this impacts on farmer margins, there could be a knock-on impact on milk production later in the production season.