Retailers break deadlock on milk pricing

Published 29 November 17

After more than two years of selling milk at £1 or less for 4 pints, Morrisons recently increased the shelf price of its own-label milk to £1.10 / 4 pints.

This has broken the deadlock on price increases in the major supermarkets*, where prices have been at £1 or lower for 4 pints of milk since March 2015.

Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have all followed Morrisons’ lead, matching the increase on shelf prices, leaving only the hard discounters pricing milk at £1 for 4 pints. 

Retail Price Points _2

*excluding The Co-operative, who retained a shelf price of around £1.12-£1.20 for 4 pints during the Mar-14 to Nov-17 period.