The future of dairy exports following Brexit

Published 23 November 16

Dairy UK has released a report examining the potential impacts of Brexit on dairy exports, which outlines the importance of negotiating good trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world. The report concludes:

Dairy UK Key points

There are still many uncertainties surrounding Brexit, however, protecting existing trade agreements and maintaining access to the EU market are of primary importance for the UK, as 80% of dairy exports are currently destined for the EU. Following this, the UK will need to look to access new markets and aim to secure Free Trade Agreements to remain internationally competitive.

Over the past five years, UK exports of dairy products have been increasing to the EU and also globally, with the volume of exports to non-EU countries increasing by 91% during that period. Global demand for dairy products is predicted to increase by 2% per annum over the next ten years and Dairy UK suggests that the British dairy industry can take advantage of developing markets through continuing innovation. This could be enhanced by working with the Great British Food Unit to specifically promote British dairy products, alongside generic British food marketing.

The report emphasises the need for the dairy industry and wider UK food industries to clearly establish their priorities in order to effectively participate in the wider Brexit trade negotiations.