GB milk production dries up

Published 9 November 16

Milk deliveries were down more than 10% in September compared to the same month last year, in stark comparison to the situation at the beginning of the year. Apart from the first few weeks of April, milk production was in line with the 3-year average through the flush. Since then, production declined at an accelerated rate with monthly production between June and August down by approximately 3-4% compared to the 3-year average. 

 GB milk production dries up

           *+/- 1 standard deviation of the three-year average

The graph shows daily deliveries’ 3-year average between the beginning of April and the end of October, along with how deliveries have varied from this average (represented by the grey shaded area). The fact that milk production has fallen below the normal range since the beginning of August for this year highlights the difficulties in the sector at present.

While improved wholesale and farmgate prices may allow for some recovery in production over the coming months, it has some way to go before it is considered to be within the ‘normal’ range. As prices have been low for some time, however, factors such as debt repayments are also likely to play an important role in when production increases.