Agrihive launched in the UK

Published 5 November 15

A mix of business leaders were brought together at the Agrihive UK Summit on Tuesday 3 November. This summit launched the Agrihive initiative in the UK which aims to find actionable solutions to the current challenges facing dairy farmers through multi sector events.

Discussion centred on a fictional ‘typical’ British family farm – the Kidworth Dairy – and brought out a range of issues to do with succession, profitability and management. The diversity of participants in the summit meant there was a wide range of views on what the key issues were. However, there was consensus on the need for strong management, understanding of production costs and honest and open discussion within the family business.

Following on from the summit, Agrihive UK is running a competition looking for more ideas on how the issues can be dealt with and challenging the industry to make the necessary changes.  Further information on the case study and competition can be found on the Agrihive UK website.