Irish cheese exports up 32% in Q1

Published 29 May 19

The Republic of Ireland exported just under 61,000 tonnes of cheese in the first three months of 2019, up 32% (15,000 tonnes) from Q1 2018. About 60% of exports went to the UK, and about 80% of exports were Cheddar.

The root of this uplift comes from 2018. Ireland produced 224,100 tonnes of cheese in 2018, up 14% on 2017 and the highest on recent records. Despite this, Irish exports broke the trend of year-on-year growth and declined in 2018. This suggests that there was still a large amount of cheese in stock, some of which was then exported in Q1 2019.

Irish cheese prod exp

However, we may not have seen the full amount of extra cheese to be exported. Between the remaining extra stocks, and the high production seen so far this year, it could be that Irish exports will stay elevated in the coming months.