No surge in global milk supplies so far this year

Published 22 May 17

Global milk production has been tracking near usual levels for the first three months of 2017, and almost matched last year’s average daily production in March. While the US and EU-28 continue to produce in line with typical patterns, the particularly good grazing conditions in New Zealand (NZ) helped booster supplies. NZ milk production reached 1,840m litres in March, 9% more than in 2016 and 12% more than the 5-year average for March.

AHDB has recently launched a world milk supplies tracker*. In the same way as the GB tracker, the world milk supplies tracker provides a way to monitor if milk production is rising or falling as expected in the five key supply regions (EU-28, US, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina).

If production does follow the 5-year tracker for 2017, milk production from these regions would reach around 282 billion litres. This would be around 1% up on the previous year, although would fall short of meeting the 2% annual growth in demand predicted by the FAO.

World Milk Supplies with tracker