Delayed spring peak for GB milk deliveries

Published 1 June 16

GB daily milk deliveries have risen more slowly this spring, reaching their peak later compared to last year.

Production appears to have peaked on 10 May at just over 36.5m* litres per day, more than a week later than it did in the last two years. This is around 1m litres per day lower than last year and roughly in-line with 2014/15’s peak volume.

This year’s slow start to grass growth appears to have delayed the peak, with low milk prices also having an impact. 

Daily deliveries 01Jun16

* Please note, data is still subject to revisions and reweighting. AHDB daily deliveries are re-weighted each month based on Defra monthly deliveries. Defra is due to release April deliveries on 9 June. As a result, it is still too early to confidently quote a precise volume for this year’s peak.