Australia’s fresh idea

Published 18 May 16

Processing techniques that can extend the shelf life of fresh milk to around 100 days are being used in Australia and are helping to open up new export opportunities.

Melbourne-based beverage firm “Made” can significantly increase the shelf life of its fresh milk and juice products by using advancements in processing and packing technology. This is done without ultra-heat treatment (UHT), which can alter the flavour.

The milk’s extended life allows it to be shipped to Asia, where consumer demand for fresh milk is reported to be rising as consumer wealth increases.

If fresh milk exports to Asia were to really take off, this could present a challenge to the UK’s UHT exports. The value of UK liquid milk exports to Asia has risen tenfold over the last five years, reaching nearly £10m in 2015. This was around 13% of the value of all the UK’s dairy exports to Asia, which is its biggest market for dairy products outside the EU.