Record February milk production

Published 13 March 19

UK milk production in February 2019 reached an estimated 1,156 million litres, the highest February production level* for more than 25 years, according to the latest AHDB daily delivery data. GB production is estimated at 967 million litres, up 24 million litres on last year, while Northern Ireland’s production is estimated to be 188 million litres.

UK and GB daily deliveries remained above last February’s levels by 3% for the month, although this was boosted in the last few days due to the impact of the ‘Beast from the East’, which disrupted milk collections.

Feb Milk Production

Continuing mild weather through February may be benefitting milk production. An average temperature of 6°C has provisionally placed February 2019 as the second warmest on Met Office records (1910-2019), with reports suggesting temperatures are favouring early turn-out. Higher proportions of concentrate feeding over the winter due to poor forage production during the summer has also been boosting milk yields per cow over the winter.

Met Office Feb Temp

With more cows being turned out to make the most of the early spring, milk yields will increasingly be determined by the weather and grass growth. While conditions are hugely improved on last year, below-average rainfall in many parts of the UK may limit grass performance moving forward.


*February production totals are based on a 28 day month to account for leap years