2019/20 GB milk production could hit 29-year high

Published 25 March 19

The latest GB forecast suggests that next season’s milk production could be the highest for 29 years.

Recent milk yields have been strong, supported by increased concentrate feeding. On average, yields were 2.4% above the previous year between November and February. Additionally, a relatively mild winter has diminished earlier concerns over feed availability, and cows are reported to be in good condition. Although herd numbers are on a downwards trend, increased yields are more than offsetting this. Overall, the stage is being set for volumes to be high in the coming year.

Spring yields are strongly influenced by weather conditions. If conditions are normal, yields are likely to remain high. Overall, 2019/20 production is forecast to be 12,590m litres. This is up 0.7% from 2018/19 and the highest since 1990/91.

mar19 forecast table

Mar19 forecast graph

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