World milk supplies growing

Published 21 March 18

World milk supplies showed further growth in January, rising by 2.7% from last year’s levels.  More than 75% of the additional milk has come from increased output in the EU-28 with the US contributing just over 20%.  Combined supplies from the southern hemisphere nations of Argentina, Australia and New Zealand are only marginally up from last year, with drops in New Zealand production almost wiping out the small gains seen in the other two countries.

Annual Change World Milk Deliveries

February may look different as New Zealand continues to fall behind last year’s production levels, and the bad weather seen across Europe is expected to impact on production. Deliveries in the Netherlands were down 1.2% in February compared to last year, and while data is not yet available for other EU countries, weekly delivery data from France, Germany and the UK all show reduced deliveries in the final week of the month.