UK mozzarella trade deficit suffers value drop in 2017

Published 21 March 18

The UK fresh mozzarella trade deficit grew to just over -£130m in 2017, following two years of reductions in the deficit. The volume deficit has improved year on year, although marginally.

21.03.18 mozzarella graph

Volumes of both imports and exports have been stable over these three years with price driving changes in the value of trade. This has been due to increased cost of imports notably from Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Italy.

21.03.18 mozzarella table

Over the past three years, bar minor volumes, imports have come solely from the EU. At present, investment is unlikely to occur until more concrete decisions are made regarding Brexit. Once that happens, we could see capacity increased to displace imports and/or push exports, depending on trade deals.

Note: the fresh mozzarella HS code 04061030 was only formed in 2015. Before that, it was part of a combined fresh cheese HS code 04061020.