Russia set to restrict dairy imports from Belarus

Published 7 March 18

Russia’s sanitary regulator, Rosselkhoznadzor, has proposed a ban on imports of some milk and dairy products [1] from Belarus, stating food safety concerns. The ban was initially set from 26 February but has since been delayed twice, now until 15 March, pending negotiations with the Belarusian side.

Belarus is the largest supplier of milk and dairy products to Russia, accounting for 86% of Russia’s total dairy imports in 2017. In turn, Russia is the largest export market for Belarus, taking in around 90% of the total exports of the affected dairy products.

 Russia set to restrict dairy imports from Belarus

The loss of the Russian market would displace around 640,000 tonnes of dairy products, equivalent to around 4% of EU exports of the products in question. Although this additional volume is unlikely to flood the global marketplace, or have a significant long term impact on global pricing, it will have a devastating effect on the Belarusian industry.


[1] These include milk and pasteurized cream, sterilised and ultra-pasteurised milk and cream, milk powder, concentrated, canned and condensed milk and cream, buttermilk, whey protein and milk protein concentrate.