New Board Members for AHDB Dairy

Published 29 March 17

Two new board members have been appointed to the AHDB Dairy board. Mary Quicke and Oliver Hall will replace Tom Rawson  and Jim Baird whose terms of office end on 31st March 2017. 

AHDB Dairy Chairman Gwyn Jones said “I would like to pay tribute to the retiring board members Tom and Jim and thank them for their hard work and dedication; they were not easy to replace. It is important to maintain the high standards and diversity on the board and I am delighted with the depth and breadth of experience the new members bring. I would like to welcome Mary and Oliver to the AHDB Dairy board. The industry is fortunate to have such high calibre board members, who are willing to put their time and effort in preparing the dairy industry for the challenge ahead.”

Mary is based in Devon and farms 546 hectares in a family farming and cheese making company with 550-crossbred cows. Most of the milk produces award-winning traditional cloth bound cheese, with around 40% of the cheese exported largely to the US and Australia. Mary is passionate about cheese and is currently setting up an Academy of Cheese which will have 4 levels of certification, selling it on value not price.

Mary says “Farming will be challenging in the transition post ‘Brexit’, AHDB is best placed to support all farmers to deal with that transition. With market information, knowledge exchange, market development and business support, I am delighted and honoured to be a board member”.

Oliver is based in Turnberry, Scotland running a 300 cow spring calving unit, whilst acting as an advisor to a number of other dairy businesses. Oliver is a co-founder of Evolution Farming, a multi-site dairy business milking 1400 cows in the UK.

Oliver says “I am pleased to join the AHDB Dairy Board, where I will contribute to a challenging but exciting time for the dairy industry. We know that Scotland has some of the best farmers in the country, but faces uncertainty in the years ahead along with everyone else.”

Mary and Oliver’s term of office starts on 1st April 2017.

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