Get more for your milk with AHDB Dairy’s revised Milk Price Calculator

Published 9 March 17

The updated Milk Price Calculator helps farmers achieve the best possible price for their milk. The calculator is now easier to use and features a regional filter to make the results regionally specific.

AHDB Dairy developed the calculator as an online tool to allow dairy farmers to input details about the milk they produce and see the potential differences in the price they receive. Prices can vary depending by not only who they sell their milk to but also by how well it matches the buyers’ requirements.

In other words, the calculator allows farmers to ask the ‘what if’ questions - such as ‘how would my milk price change if I reduce somatic cell counts or increased butterfat?’ Entering the before and after farm data into the calculator, produces two sets of outputs, allowing for a comparison of different milk prices.

“Using information about their own production, the calculator can help farmers determine if there is potential to improve their milk price by better aligning the milk to their customer’s requirements. Looking at this information alongside the cost of making any changes can help farmers decide what will give them the best return on their investment” says Patty Clayton, AHDB Dairy Senior Market Analyst.

“An added feature of the calculator is the ability to filter the results to the farmers’ local area, eliminating any contracts that are not available to them” continues Patty.

A Milk Forecasting Calculator is also available to help give a full picture of both the cost and revenue implications of adjusting milk production. This calculator uses data about herd size, average yield and calving patterns, alongside herd lactation curves to give information on the monthly milk outputs.

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