EU dairy herd falls in 2016…albeit marginally

Published 15 March 17

Provisional figures, from Eurostat, show that the EU dairy herd fell just 0.2% (49k head) in 2016, compared to the year before. This is the fourth year in a row where the herd has been relatively stable around the 23.5m head mark. 

 EU dairy graph 15.03.17

According to Eurostat, the UK has increased its herd by 2k head in 2016. The largest reduction has come from Germany, falling 67k head, while the Netherlands has seen an increase of 77k head. 

EU dairy table 15.03.17

The Dutch increase is expected to be reversed through their phosphate reduction schemes. The majority of these cows are expected to be culled, although some could be exported to other EU countries.