Breeding dairy cows for TB resistance

Published 14 March 16

Marco _Winters 05Join the webinar with Marco Winters, AHDB Dairy Head of Genetics, on Wednesday 16 March at 19:00 where he discusses how the new TB Advantage index can be used for future breeding decisions. 

“£PLI has been a national breeding goal for UK dairy farmers for a number of years and the high scoring £PLI bulls have generally come through with very good indexes for TB Advantage. This is both reassuring – in that it indicates cattle breeding is already heading in the right direction – and unsurprising, since health and fitness traits represent an important component of £PLI,” says Marco. 

It’s important to note that breeding cattle with a reduced susceptibility to bTB is a long-term approach to disease control and should comprise just part of a much broader eradication strategy. All other existing and emerging control measures therefore remain critically important and should continue to be taken to protect cattle against bTB, irrespective of the choice of bull.


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