No more extra milk from the EU this year

Published 15 June 16

The EU appears to have finished its rapid increase in milk production, and little – if any – additional milk is expected to come out of the EU over the 2016/17 milk year (Apr-Mar).

Using a similar approach to that used for predicting GB production for the upcoming year, EU milk production for 2016/17 has been estimated at between 147bn and 152bn litres. The midpoint of this range would represent a decrease of around 0.3% on production over the 2015/16 milk year, equivalent to around 450m litres. 

The estimated figure is in line with recent predictions by the European Commission which suggested the EU would produce an additional 2bn litres of milk in 2016. As just under 2.5bn extra litres of milk was delivered in the first three months of the year, the Commission is expecting lower volumes for the remainder of the calendar year (May-Dec).

EU production forecast 2016/17