More beef from dairy expected

Published 7 June 16

The split between dairy and beef semen has altered, with a more prominent trend of increased purchases of beef semen over the past 6 months for use in dairy herds.

Short-term, this should not have a significant impact on the amount of dairy heifers coming through the ranks. As reported, BCMS data suggests there are plenty of animals currently available as replacement, and at present we are still seeing roughly equal split between beef and dairy semen.

What the data does show is farmers could be looking to improve returns from beef cross calves and/or from expanding into beef production. This might seem appealing at present, however, if the current trend continues, it has the potential to increase beef supply and place downward pressure on the beef market in the coming years.

Longer term, if the trend continues, we could see the move impact on the number of heifers coming through the system.

More beef from dairy expected 07.06.16