That was the week that was…

Published 10 June 15

Royal Cornwall Show

World Milk Day, Healthy Eating Week, Open Farm Schooldays, Open Farm Sunday and the Royal Cornwall Show - all in seven days created a wonderful opportunity for dairy farmers, the wider industry and the public to come together to mutual benefit last week.

At the Royal Cornwall Show nearly 300 people promised to support dairy farmers by looking out for a quality logo such as the Red Tractor when doing the weekly shop. AHDB Dairy employees along with #DiscoverDairy ambassadors and the resources provided for use in schools, on exhibition stands and on farms were all put to good use, helping to inform and influence shopping decisions as well as showcasing the value of dairy in the diet. Around 7,500 schools and 2.7 million children got involved with Healthy Eating Week, a fantastic 71% increase on last year! 

On Sunday, 7 June, as the increasingly popular annual Open Farm Sunday event celebrated the tenth anniversary, crowds of people headed onto farms to see for themselves the work farmers (and their cows) do to produce every litre of delicious milk. Open Farm Schooldays continues throughout the whole of June and AHDB Dairy education resources will be featuring throughout the month’s activities. 

Diane SymesDi Symes, AHDB Dairy Consumer Marketing Manager, said: “We are keen to maintain the momentum built up from these and the other events we are attending this summer to highlight our ‘It’s in our hands’ (IIOH) campaign. IIOH shows the public the passion, commitment and high standards that go into every litre of milk produced and gives great reasons to value dairy farming. Building greater understanding of the responsible farming standards behind the assurance schemes is a core part of the campaign to help shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions.”

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