Dairy Farmers Open Up To The Public – Both On Farms and Off

Published 5 June 15

Summer is finally on the horizon, and dairy farmers across the country are opening up their gates to the public for this year’s Open Farm Sunday (June 7th 2015). The day is a chance for the public to find out more about where our food comes from and how it makes the journey from the field to our fridges. To find out which farms in your area are taking part, visit www.farmsunday.org.

But for those people who aren’t able to get to a farm, there are other opportunities to meet dairy farmers face-to-face as they head out to meet the public to share some of their passion for the dairy industry. #TeamDairy is touring the length and breadth of the country, having just completed a hugely successful presence at the Nottingham Milk Race (May 23-24), with Royal Cornwall Show (4 June 4 – 6 June) well underway, and the Royal Highland Show (18-21 June) and Royal Welsh Show (30-23 July) both still to come.

Dairy farmers at each event are encouraging the public to come to the Discover Dairy experience, to meet the dairy farmers and learn about real-life dairy farming stories. Not only that but they can play the quickfire ‘Trust The Tractor’ game and take the #DairyPromise. Thousands of people signed up to the #DairyPromise when at Nottingham’s Milk Race and the Royal Cornwall Show, and dairy farmers from elsewhere in the country are keen to push this into the tens of thousands!

New research released to coincide with the series of events shows just how much the public recognises the value of dairy farming to the local community, with 70% of people saying they see dairy farming as the backbone of rural areas, and would fear for the communities should it disappear,1, and 64% saying they would worry not just for the community but also for the future of dairy farmers and their families2.

Amanda Ball, Head of Marketing and Communications at DairyCo, says:
“It’s not only the dairy farmers, their families and their employees that make a contribution to the local economy3, but many others employed in the dairy industry such as cheesemakers, doorstep delivery companies and ice cream makers.

“On the face of it milk production may just appear like a splash in the ocean in terms of its contribution to the local economy. There is though, a much wider ripple effect from the investment that dairy farms make for example in machinery, animal care, feed & bedding – all adding to the economy and supporting up to 220 jobs in the local area, with many more indirectly involved4.

“The good news is that it’s in our hands, to continue to recognise this important contribution to the economy and to protect careers for future generations. Dairy farmers are really keen to raise awareness about the passion and commitment that goes into our glasses of milk, slices of cheese, pats of butter, pots of yogurt and scoops of ice-cream.

“The land that supports milk production, also helps shape our countryside view. Dairy farmers take great care and pride in protecting the environment. As well as ensuring the food you buy is traceable, safe to eat, Red Tractor Assured dairy farms use practices that help look after the countryside and the environment.”

Young farmer, 19 year old Daniel Rowe from Helston in West Cornwall, said he really enjoyed coming along to the Royal Cornwall Show to speak directly with the public. He says “Lots of people don’t realise just how many different industries are involved with running a successful dairy farm. We are constantly working with engineers, vets, accountants, delivery drivers, shop owners – you name it!

“It’s great this research highlights how important it is for the local community to get behind their farmers!”

Amanda Ball adds: “Dairy farmers are really looking forward to meeting people and showing them what great work is being done!

“Come and see Red Tractor farmers and test your knowledge on the Trust the Tractor quick reaction game and we’d love you to take the #DairyPromise to show your support – it’s in our hands. “



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