Limited growth in global milk supplies

Published 25 July 17

Milk supplies from the key production regions remained marginally above last year’s levels in May. Having closed the gap in March, global milk deliveries have tracked normal seasonal patterns over the spring. Production in the EU continues to struggle to recover volumes, mostly due to less than ideal weather in France and Germany; its two key production regions. While production was either below previous year levels or at a similar levels in Oceania and Argentina, the US has continued to record volume growth.

Cumulatively, deliveries to May are marginally up on last year’s levels (0.3%). Combined production in the first five months of 2017 was around 118.8 billion litres, 353m litres more than in the same period in 2016 after adjusting for the leap year.

World Milk Supplies May 17

Production figures for Argentina (Jan-17 – May 17) are estimated as actual volumes are not yet available.