China opportunity for young farmers

Published 21 July 17

DG Agri China InitiativeDG Agri and China have issued a call for young farmer applicants for fully funded two week study tours in China.

The aim is to give young farmers a chance to explore common [and very different] challenges that are faced in different agricultural environments, to support the personal development of the individuals that get involved, but also generally to help with the strategic relationship between China and EU countries. 

They will be choosing 10 young farmers (under 40) from across the EU to visit China in November this year, and another 10 to visit in June 2018, for two weeks each time. The scheme is fully funded by the EU and China so there are no costs for the participants.

They haven’t finalised the programmes but they expect it to include a mix of on farm visits and discussions, visits to research institutes, government meetings and various training and workshops.  Given climate its likely November will be south china and June 18 further north.

The opportunity is part of a new initiative between DG Agri and China announced by European Commissioner Hogan and the Chinese Agriculture Minister Han back in April to help strengthen relationships and learning between young farmers across the EU and China.  

The closing date of 10 September and further details can be found here: